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The La Millou Music Star The Beatles Music Box is the newest product of our colorful imagination. We've seen the all, from every part of the world. We listened to hundreds of music boxes and learned that all of them play only kids songs and cannot be machine-washed. That is exactly why our product is completely different from all the others out there. We figured that the there's no better place to start shaping your musical taste than from the very beginning. Thus, the music box soothes with the sounds of a famous song by The Beatles – Hey Jude. We love listening to good music and are thrilled knowing that it could stay with a child forever as a lovely memory. The music box is perfect for anybody with an allergy, as it is filled with an anti-allergic fabric, while the musical mechanism inside it is fully waterproof. This means that, as in the case of other La Millou products, it can be machine washed. The product should be used under the supervision of an adult.Comes in the shape of a fluffy star with sewn-in straps at the top of it, so that you can easily attach it to the crib, or any other place. Its pompon-ended cord is wrapped in smooth fabric, making it safe to use, easy to grab and turn on the melody. Available in an array of La Millou designs - will fit any and all other our products. Perfect for a baby shower gift!Size: 21 cm (without the cord)

Muziek ster ‘the beagles’

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